The most energy-efficient product in its class, the new KBF-S ECO constant climate chamber delivers the quality standards that consumers have come to expect from BINDER plus outstanding value for money. Low noise performance that doesn’t need refrigerant, this is a truly high-end piece of equipment. BINDER’s new environmentally-friendly unit specializes in precise stability tests under climate conditions that are kept constant for an extended period of time. It is ideal for long-term testing and accelerated testing of pharmaceutical products according to the ICH Guideline Q1A, and it regulates a humidity range from 10% RH to 80 % RH and a temperature range from 5°C to 70°C.

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The perfect climate for every application and every budget.

  • Safe thanks to standard-compliant testing according to the ICH Q1A guideline, even with full load!
  • Reliable thanks to failsafe operation without compromise.
  • Smart, as a wide range of accessories makes it highly compatible for adaptation to specific customer requirements!
  • Economical, as energy consumption is minimal thanks to optimized thermoelectric cooling

For detailed information, visit on the website the  KBF-S ECO climate chambers.