Bandelin Sonocool 255 ulrasonic bath with cooling

The Bandelin Sonocool Ultrasonic Cleaner combines the process-accelerating effect of ultrasound with the simultaneous cooling of the sample.

Bandelin SONOCOOL 255.2 ultrasonic bath with cooling
The ultrasonic bath with cooling system SONOCOOL 255.2 can be used for sonication of heat-sensitive samples. It enables cell structure preservation by short contact time with liquid and their findings are available in a shorter time. It has a shorter processing time for decalcifying of bone tissue compared to customary processes.
Ready-to-use set laboratory:
• ultrasonic bath SC 255.2
• insert basket K 5 SC
• lid D 255 G
• TICKOPUR TR 3 - 250 ml (contact liquid, concentrate)
• Compact design
• Increased life span by welded tank: stainless steel AISI 316Ti, 2 mm thick
• Level sensor for contact liquid as dry run protection
• Lighted LCD display
• Serial interface for remote control
• Capacity (l) 5,0
• Frequency (kHz) 35
• W×D×H (mm) 360×605×385
• Tank W×D×H (mm) 280×150×150
• Weight (kg) 27,5