HP Labortechnik

HP Labortechnik: your expert in steam sterilisers and autoclaves made in Germany.
HP Labortechnik is known for the highest quality and more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of high-performance steam sterilisers. The company hase been specialised in the development and production of innovative solutions for the effective sterilisation of medical products to the highest standards since 1979.
Laboratory autoclaves from HP Labortechnik can sterilise liquids, solids and biohazardous materials in no time at all: Our steam sterilisers are ideally equipped for even the most demanding laboratory applications including growth media, culture media, glassware, instruments, hazardous waste in destruction bags or liquid waste in bottles.
The whole sterilisation process can be validated and reproduced, thus verifiably assuring the success of the technology. Alongside the reliability and high performance of the devices, the firm prioritises the safety of your laboratory staff in the development and production of the sterilisation devices.