Overhead stirrers

Stirring media is one of the oldest process technologies. These include homogenization and suspending substances or emulsifying fats and oils, to name some of the most important areas of responsibility. Regardless of the task and the media used, the general goal is to achieve the best mixing result. This is achieved by configuring the perfect stirring system for the respective application. Heidolph Instruments has been an important driver in laboratory technology for over 80 years. From the compact Hei-TORQUE Core with 40 Ncm torque to the intelligent Hei-TORQUE Ultimate models (available in 100, 200 and 400 Ncm), all Heidolph overhead stirrers are very easy to operate. Equipped with the so-called Quick Chuck (quick-action chuck), it is easy to change the stirrer - without the need for extra tools. For the stirring of aqueous to highly viscous media, we also offer a large selection of Heidolph stirring tools, including the innovative VISCO JET® blades. Depending on your application parameters, we can provide you with the right stirring tool.