Climate chambers

BINDER climate chambers are outstanding in the field of material testing under constant temperature and humidity conditions.

BINDER climate chambers with high temperature accuracy: stunning innovative technology and durable, robust quality. Incredibly user friendly and easy to clean. BINDER has developed several series to meet different needs and applications. These climate chambers ensure a homogeneous light distribution as well as constant temperature and humidity conditions. The patented APT.lineTM preheating chamber technology guarantees perfectly accurate temperatures in space and time, even for a full chamber or long-term use. The KBF series models offer an extended temperature and humidity range, so stability tests can be performed with maximum reliability. In addition, the KBF P-Series climate chambers have an ICH-compliant lighting system that makes them ideal for photostability tests and ensures ICH Q1B-compliant results. Flexible positioning of illumination cassettes provide homogeneous illumination.