Vacuubrand PC 3012 NT VARIO select chemistry pumping unit

Vacuubrand PC 3012 NT VARIO select chemistry pumping unit
VARIO® chemistry pumping unit in action

The PC 3012 NT VARIO select pumping unit precisely controls the vacuum level in order to achieve unparalleled process control. With its combination of high pumping speed and deep ultimate vacuum, this pump is suitable for demanding applications with even high boiling point solvents. This pump is regularly used to support floor-standing rotary evaporators, vacuum drying ovens, distillation columns, and other similar work in miniplants, kilo labs, and scale-up facilities.

The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller provides an easy-to-use, application-based interface that covers all common lab applications. The VACUU·SELECT controller has you covered. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run fully automated distillations, or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. For solvent evaporation, the VACUU·SELECT controller continuously detects the boiling point and automatically adjusts the vacuum process as necessary.

In addition, the VARIO control maintains the desired vacuum level by running the motor only as fast as necessary. This prevents bumping and foaming, makes the pump whisper quiet, and extends maintenance intervals. The inlet separator, made of glass with a robust protective coating, prevents particles and liquid droplets from entering the pump, preventing damage and extending pump life. And the exhaust vapor condenser allows for nearly complete recovery of solvents when used with a chilled water line or recirculating chiller for economical recycling and environmental protection.

Product features

• Ultimate vacuum: 1.5 mbar
• Ultimate vacuum with gas ballast: 3 mbar
• Max. pumping speed 50 Hz: 14.3 m3/h
• VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface and predefined applications simplifies work in the laboratory
• Automatic boiling point detection and adjustment of the vacuum for short process times
• Meets high vacuum requirements for large quantities of most high boiling solvents
• Extraordinary diaphragm life for minimum operational and servicing costs
• Excellent environmental compatibility through low energy consumption and efficient solvent recovery