Heidolph Hei-PLATE Silver 1 Package for magnetic stirrers with heating functions

Heidolph MR Silver 1 Package
This package includes:
• Magnetic Stirrer Hei-Tec
• Temperature sensor Pt1000 (AISI 316Ti)
• Pt1000 clamping system (includes support rod and attachment with cable inlet)
For comprehensive process documentation and reproducible results
For accurate process documentation with precise setting options and for monitoring the device parameters via the digital display as well as port for the temperature sensor Pt 1000.
• Precise setting options and monitoring of device parameters via the digital display
• With port for the optional temperature sensor Pt 1000 for precise values without temperature fluctuations
• All values can be easily read on the illuminated display even from a distance
• Illuminated buttons indicate activated functions
• With the control knob, the speed can be accurately set between 100 and 1,400 rpm with a speed accuracy of ±2 % and a maximum temperature of 300 °C
• To protect against overheating, an independent safety circuit switches the heating off if the set temperature is exceeded by 25 °C
• To protect the sample, the external sensor monitoring automatically switches off the heating if the sensor is not immersed in the medium
• The timer function allows you to define separate expiry times for the heating and rotation functions. At the end of the process an acoustic signal sounds
• Residual heat indicator effectively protects from burns