Liebherr LCexv combined laboratory refrigerator-freezer with explosion-proof interior

Liebherr LCexv explosion-proof laboratory combined fridge-freezers are suitable for storing explosive and flammable materials thanks to their spark-proof interior.

Liebherr LCexv 4010 Combined refrigerator-freezer with explosion-proof interior container
Laboratory fridge-freezer combination Model LCexv 4010 with explosion protected interior in compliance with the safety requirements of EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) for the storage of explosive and highly flammable substances in enclosed containers.
• Adjustable cooling temperature (2 separately adjustable refrigeration circuits)
Fridge unit: +3 to +16 °C
Freezer unit: -9 to -30 °C
• Fridge unit with recirculated-air ventilation system, freezer unit with static cooling system
Digital temperature display
fridge unit resolution: 0.1 °C
freezer unit resolution: 0.1 °C (to -19,9 °C) and/or 1 °C (from -20 °C)
• Temperature consistency
fridge unit: ±2.0 K
freezer unit: ±3.5 K
• With lockable door
• Memory for Min/Max temperatures
• Memory function for storing last three temperature alarms and power failures with date/time/duration of alarm
• Audible and visual limit alarms
• Audible and visual door opening alarms
• Feedthrough for external temperature sensor (Ø 10 mm)