Liebherr SFFvh laboratory freezers

Constant temperatures are essential when storing sensitive substances. This especially applies to work in laboratories, where even the slightest deviations can jeopardise the quality of research results. This is why Liebherr has developed new refrigerators and freezers specifically for this sector, combining maximum refrigeration performance with optimum temperature stability. Innovative safety features with monitoring and alarm functions offer all-round protection from all kinds of incident and malfunction.

Liebherr SFFvh 5501 laboratory freezer
Liebherr freezers for laboratory and research use meet the highest requirements, especially in terms of safety and temperature stability.
• Integrated data logger
• Min./max. temperature log
• +2 °C SafetyDevice
• Power failure alarm
• LightAlarm
• Feedthrough for external sensors
• Mechanical lock
• SmartMonitoring
• Integrated WiFi/LAN interface
• Easy-to-clean interior
• Replaceable door seal
• Self-closing door < 90°
• ±3 °C temperature stability
• The devices fully comply with the DIN 13277 standard and the IEC 61010-2-011 standard.