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Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Ultimate 100
• The devices of the Hei-TORQUE Precision line are Heidolph high performance overhead stirrers.
• The Hei-TORQUE Value 100 is a overhead stirrer with a wide speed range (10 - 2,000 rpm) and a maximum torque of 100 Ncm. It can powerfully stir viscosities up to 60,000 mPas or volumes up to 50 liters (H2O).
• In addition, the Hei-TORQUE Precision 100 offers, above all, the possibility of ramp programming, process monitoring (including timer function, torque trend display as a value), as well as the necessary equipment for documenting your application parameters. For this it is equipped with two interfaces - USB and RS232 - which give you the greatest flexibility to connect the device to a PC, a programmable logic controller (PLC) or an automation system such as e.g. LabManager. The scope of delivery includes the free Hei-Control software for remote control of up to 4 devices via PC.
• The overhead stirrer Hei-TORQUE Precision 100 performs every stirring task with minimal noise thanks to the latest engine technology. The safety-related start/stop touch-function serves to minimize the risk of unintentional switching on.
• Suitable for use in fume hoods or as a drive for reactor superstructures, the Hei-TORQUE Precision 100 has a quick-action chuck (quick chuck with safety ring) with a diameter of 10.5 mm, which can be combined with a large number of stirring tools.
• Technical Data
• Number of speed gears: 1
• Rotation speed range: 10 – 2,000 rpm
• Rotation speed indicator: digital
• color 3.2"
• Speed control: electronic
• Max. torque: 100 Ncm
• Torque indicator: precise value
• Overheat protection: automatic cut-out
• Viscosity max.: 60,000 mPa s
• Stirring cap. (H2O), max.: 50 l
• Throught-shaft design: ✔
• Shaft diameter, max.: 10.5 mm
• Counter/ Timer: ✔
• Analog / digital interface: USB and RS 232
• Power rating motor input: 90 W
• Protection class DIN EN 60529: IP 54
Heidolph Hei-VAP Core ML/G1 rotary evaporator
Hei-VAP Core - motor lift model with G1 diagonal glassware
An operating concept that is focused on the essentials: clear and with access to the basic parameters rotation speed and heating bath temperature at any time.
• Clear digital display showing actual and set values
• Two separate knobs with dynamic control for setting the rotation speed and heating bath temperature: fast turning for large jumps, slow turning for precise setting of the set values
• Accidental changing of the values can be prevented by the lock function
• Intuitive LED ring light system makes activated functions clearly visible even from a distance
• Easy adjustment of the immersion depth up to 155 mm and the inclination angle from 20° to 80°
• Standby function and residual heat warning at heating bath temperatures above 50 °C
• Motor lift model with G1 diagonal glassware
• The standby button stops all functions and, when using a motor lift model, lifts the evaporating flask from the heating bath.
• Lift Motor lift
• Rotation speed range 10 - 280 rpm
• Rotation speed indicator 3.5" LCD Display
• Heating capacity 1,300 W
• Overheat protection bath cut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate PT 1000
• Bath temperature setting 3.5" LCD Display
• Heating bath temperature control electronic / digital
• Max. size evaporating flask 5 l
• Condensing surface 1,400 cm²
• Condensing surface XL condenser 2,200 cm²