Accessories for Distimatic automatic modules

Heidolph Tube heating tape set (Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro)
• Kit includes heating tape and plug-in card for installation in Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro 24/7 control box
• The heating tape itself is 3.8 m long; the connecting cable is 2 m long
• For heating the residue drainage in order to dispense viscous residues that would otherwise become too solid
• Is automatically detected by the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro 24/7 module and switched on during the process sequence
• Percentage adjustable via the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro 24/7 menu, maximum temperature 80 - 85° C
Heidolph Emergency Switch (Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro)
• External emergency stop switch to remotely shut off the device (e.g. from a position outside a fume hood)
• Puts the system including peripherals into a safe process state
• For cable connection (length: 2000 mm) to the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro control boksz