Liebherr LGex & LGUex laboratory freezers with explosion-proof interior

Thanks to their spark-proof interior and precise electronic control, Liebherr LGUex explosion-proof laboratory freezers are excellent for the safe storage of various explosive and flammable materials.

Liebherr LGUEX 1500 laboratory freezer with explosion-proof interior container
Liebherr provides freezers with spark-free interior especially for storing explosive and highly flammable substances in labs and in the chemical industry. The inner liners meet the safety requirements of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and have been tested according to the EN 1127-1, IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-15 standards by elecosuisse –SEV (Swiss Association for Electrical Engineering, Power and Information Technologies), an approved ATEX conformity evaluation organisation.
• Certified according to ATEX.
All appliances with spark-free interior are tested according to the 2014/34/EU (ATEX) Directive. Rated as II 3G Ex nA II T6, these appliances are suitable for storing explosive and highly flammable substances in sealed containers.
• The electronic controller.
The precise electronic controller with digital temperature display enables temperatures to be set accurately to 1/10°C. Symbols indicate the operating status of the appliance. The electronic controller is flush-mounted and equipped with a membrane keyboard for perfect hygiene. The large display allows improved temperature visibility at a glance.
• Accurate 1-point calibration.
The laboratory appliances with electronic controls have a 1-point calibration function for accurate temperature control. This permits compensation between the set temperature and the actual internal temperature. Positive or negative changes to the correction value can be made in steps of 0.1 K.
• External temperature and alarm documentation.
The laboratory appliances are equipped with a volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote warning system, as well as with a serial interface RS 485 which enables central documentation of temperature profiles and alarm events. LTM monitoring software is optionally available.
• Integrated alarm systems.
Visual and audible alarm systems alert the user to undesired temperature deviations or when the door is open. All alarm parameters can be individually set. For example, the dooropen alarm delay can be adjusted between 1 and 5 minutes. Furthermore, the laboratory appliances with electronic controls have a visual power failure alarm and a sensor defect alarm.
• Integrated data memory.
The electronic controller is equipped with an integrated data memory which logs the maximum and minimum internal temperatures as well as the last three temperature alarms and power failures, together with the time, date and duration. These data can be read out on the display.
• Maximum temperature consistency.
Maximum temperature stability is ensured by the cooling systems of the laboratory fridges and freezers in conjunction with the electronic controller. The fridges are equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent temperatures below +2°C in case of a fault. All laboratory appliances with electronic controls are designed according to the EN 60068-3 standard with regard to maximum temperature stability and consistency.
• Sturdy glass shelves.
The sturdy glass shelves are easily adjustable in height and can conveniently be removed at a door opening angle of 90 °. They ensure secure positioning of the refrigerated or frozen products and have a loading capacity of up to 40 kg in the refrigerator compartment and up to 24 kg in the freezer compartment.
• External temperature sensor.
The laboratory appliances with electronic controls have an access port (diameter 10 mm) on the rear which allows the temperature sensor to be positioned in the interior.