Kühner SR200-X pilot shaker

Kühner SR200-X industrial shaker
Flexible shaking machine for heavy loads that can be customized to your requirements
With the SR200-X, Kuhner offers a very flexible shaking machine concept. The SR200-X consists of a solid base incorporating the Kuhner direct drive system.
Performance characteristics
• For use with customer specific vessels
• Solid base with integrated Kuhner direct drive
• Designed for heavy loads
• Ideal for climate controlled rooms
• Orbital shaking with maximum speed of 300 rpm
Technical data
Speed: 20-300 rpm (depending on medium and vessel type)
Diameter: 50 mm (orbital motion)
Weight: 340 kg
Accuracy, absolut: ± 0.5 rpm
Setting, digital: 1 rpm
Active brake: adjustable
Interface: CAN-Bus, RS232
Loading, maximum: on request