Düperthal Type 90 BATTERY XL safety storage cabinet

Safety storage cabinet for storing batteries with 90 minutes fire resistance.

DÜPERTHAL TYPE 90 BATTERY line XL safety storage cabinet
Safety storage cabinet for charging and storage of lithium-ion-batteries
The BATTERY line type safety storage cabinets are equipped with a varied range of additional functionalities to increase safety and working convenience. In addition, all safety-related components are not subjected to day-to-day dynamic loads and are thus free of attrition and mechanical wear.
• Width: 1194 mm
• Depth: 612 mm
• Height: 2045 mm
• Weight: 520 kg
• Classical door technology (door handle)
• For the storage of lithium-ion batteries
• Type-tested by MPA/ TÜV SÜD according to DIN EN 14470-1, DIN EN 16121, DIN EN 16122, and DIN 31000 Loss prevention in terms of VdS 3103 Mark of approval: Safety tested and CE mark
Construction and colour:
• Outer carcass sheet steel, RAL 7035
• Doors sheet steel, PANTONE 389 C
• Inner carcass decor panels, RAL 7035
Fittings and features:
• Doors remain open in any position
• Doors close automatically in case of fire
• Cylinder locks for access security
• Backdraftlock after inside fire
• bottom tray sheet steel, RAL 7035
• 4 storage levels sheet steel, RAL 7035
• 1 storage area per storage level
• exhaust air connection on the cabinet roof
• visual inspection of the ventilation opening
• earthing connection on the cabinet roof
• interior fittings grounded to carcass
• adjustable feet for level adjustment