Heidolph Reax Top test tube shaker

Heidolph Reax top test tube shaker
• The classic with 5 mm shaking orbit
• This model is particularly suitable for simple mixing tasks. In short-term operation mode, the shaking motion is triggered by pressure on the test tube tray. This mode is suitable for mixing up solutions, for example.
• Persistent cell pellets can be dissolved gently but powerfully in continuous operation. With a speed of up to 2,500 rpm and a shaking orbit of 5 mm, reliable and uniform distribution of solids, and homogenization of highly viscous media are guaranteed.
• Technical Data
• Motion: vibrating
• Rotation speed range: 100 - 2,500 rpm
• Operating Mode: automatic or continuous
• Orbit / Stroke: 5 mm
• Timer: -
• Power input: 51 W
• Platform size: -
• Max. Load: -
• Overheat protection: self-resetting
• Protection class DIN EN 60529: IP 22