Bandelin Sonocool 255 ulrasonic bath with cooling

The Bandelin Sonocool Ultrasonic Cleaner combines the process-accelerating effect of ultrasound with the simultaneous cooling of the sample.

Bandelin SONOCOOL 255.2 ultrasonic bath with cooling
Ultrasonic bath with cooling as a ready-to-use set for use in pathology consisting of:
• Ultrasonic bath SC 255.2
• Specimen holder PH 255-11
• Lid D 255 G made of glass
• Insert beaker
• 20 pieces SD 01.2, made of glass (100 ml)
• TICKOPUR TR 3 - 1 L (contact liquid, concentrate.)
• Compact design
• Long durability due to welded tub made of stainless steel V4A 2 mm
• Glass lid for sample observation and easy cleaning
• Safety due to level monitoring
• Illuminated LCD display for indication of remaining time, actual temperature, pause diagnosis, set time/set temperature, ultrasonic power.
Bandelin SONOCOOL 255.2 Set für Labor
The ultrasonic bath with cooling system SONOCOOL 255.2 can be used for sonication of heat-sensitive samples. It enables cell structure preservation by short contact time with liquid and their findings are available in a shorter time. It has a shorter processing time for decalcifying of bone tissue compared to customary processes.
Ready-to-use set laboratory:
• ultrasonic bath SC 255.2
• insert basket K 5 SC
• lid D 255 G
• TICKOPUR TR 3 - 250 ml (contact liquid, concentrate)
• Compact design
• Increased life span by welded tank: stainless steel AISI 316Ti, 2 mm thick
• Level sensor for contact liquid as dry run protection
• Lighted LCD display
• Serial interface for remote control
• Capacity (l) 5,0
• Frequency (kHz) 35
• W×D×H (mm) 360×605×385
• Tank W×D×H (mm) 280×150×150
• Weight (kg) 27,5