Stakpure RO ED ready mini reverse osmosis equipment

„All in one“ unit for space-saving integration into a 90s base. All components (pretreatment, reverse osmosis, electro-deionisation, storage tank with level control and pressure booster) are integrated and premounted ready to connect. Multilingual microprocessor controller with graphic display for controlling and monitoring pure water systems. Display of permeate and pure water conductivity as well as tank volume in %. Module-based capability of increasing capacity at a later stage.

Stakpure RO 20 ED ready mini
The compact for H2O pure type ASTM II + DIN 285
RO ED ready mini is the system of choice when pure water is needed for the complete laboratory supply and space is limited. The system meets international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696, CLSI, DIN 285 and is economically maximised by the combination with the continuously self-regenerating electro-deionisation. In addition, the system holds 50 litres of pure water in a 50l storage tank with optional recirculation module for withdrawal. A frequency-controlled pressure and ring line pump can be used to supply downstream end devices and/or ring line systems. Mobile on castors, the system can be
integrated in a 90 cm laboratory base cabinet to save space. The RO ED ready mini system is predestined for the supply of autoclaves or dishwashers and ultrapure water systems in laboratory and medical technology.
• All-in-one unit - completely pre-rolled and ready for connection
• Space-saving integration in a 90' base cabinet
• Economical ultrapure water quality ASTM II + DIN 285
• Continuous residual desalination by means of electro-deionisation
• 50 l pure water tank with optional recirculation module
• Clear control with graphic display
• Leakage sensor as standard
• Frequency-controlled pressure and ring line pump

System design - as standard
• Mobile T-frame on castors to accommodate all system components made of PE. With drip tray over the entire surface - accumulation edge 4 cm.
• Pre-treatment unit - pore size 5 μm with activated carbon to protect the membranes from particles and chlorine
• Wide range power supply with automatic voltage adjustment to 48 V enables international use with only one power supply
• Low-noise LongLife RO pressure pump (< 40dB) with automatic rinsing cycle to flush deposits from the membranes.
• HighPerformance reverse osmosis modules for the retention of inorganic and organic ingredients - extremely powerful
• Electro-deionisation module for continuous and economical resin regeneration without the addition of chemicals
• Pure water tank with a volume of 50 l made of black PE and conical bottom drain for complete emptying of residues
• CO2 absorber, sterile tank ventilation filter and sterile tank overflow protect against contamination by airborne germs and carbon dioxide
• Quality flushing valve for complete disinfection of all parts in contact with the media as well as quality flushing in interval mode
• Multilingual menu navigation for controlling and monitoring all operating and performance parameters as graphic display
• Frequency-controlled pressure and ring line pump with pressure sensor, switch box, 2 l pressure compensation vessel for supplying downstream terminal devices - 1 m³h/ at 4 bar

Optionally available:
• Recirculation module for complete tank recirculation and connection of external ring line systems - consisting of solenoid valve, timer and pressure maintenance
• UV disinfection unit as immersion tube system for the clean water tank Output 16 W, wavelength 254 nm, with ballast unit

Microprocessor control
• Multilingual microprocessor control with graphic display and colour change green/red on error message
• Individual setting options for conductivity display in MΩxcm or μS/cm as well as language switchover German/English
• Multi-stage conductivity & temperature monitoring for permeate & pure water, temperature-compensated with infinitely variable limit value setting
• USP-compliant and highly precise thanks to automatic adjustment before each measurement with integrated reference resistor and temperature compensation that can be switched off
• Continuous monitoring of the UV unit and leakage monitoring with error display and automatic safety shutdown of the water supply

Feed water requirements
softened drinking water according to DIN 2000
• Feed water temperature: +2°C to 35
• Feed water pressure: 2 to 6 bar
• Manganese and iron content: < 0.05 mg/l
• Chlorine content: < 0.1 mg/l
• Blocking index (SDI): max. 3

Pure water values type II
• Pure water conductivity*: 10-1 MΩxcm - 0.1 - 1 μS/cm
• Silicate retention* : > 99
• Pure water output at 15°C: 20 l/h
• Typical applications: Laboratory water supply type II / DIN 285; Supply of autoclaves and laboratory dishwashers
*in dependence of feed water quality and CO2

Technical data
• Ambient temperature: +2 to 35°C
• Supply voltage: 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz
• Total connected load: 1.1 kW
• Connection size: R ¾"
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 800 x 600 x 800 mm