Heidolph Hei-Mix S magnetic stirrer without heating functions

Heidolph Hei-Mix S Hei-PLATE without heating
Stirring up to 5 liters without heating
The Hei-Mix S is the first choice for titrations and biochemical applications such as those associated with operating a small fermenter. The PVDF (thermoplastic fluoropolymer) footprint is of white color: In this way, color changes during the application can be precisely tracked.
The Hei-Mix S also has a robust housing made of polyamide and is suitable for continuous operation with stirring volumes of up to 5 liters. Thanks to a wide speed range of up to 2,200 rpm, you can mix your sample quickly but gently. Efficient work is therefore guaranteed.
In addition, you save space in your laboratory because the Hei-Mix S requires only 126 x 80 x 140 mm of space with a footprint of 104 mm in diameter.