Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Value 400 overhead stirrer

Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Expert 400
• With Hei-TORQUE Value 400 you can optimally stir viscosities up to 250,000 mPas or volumes up to 100 liters (H2O). Thanks to its 2-gear stage design, it stirs particularly powerfully in the speed range up to 400 rpm and is therefore particularly suitable for applications with highly viscous media that require mixing in the lower speed range. However, operation at speeds of up to 2,000 rpm is also possible in the second speed.
• The overhead stirrer Hei-TORQUE Value 400 performs every stirring task with minimal noise thanks to the latest engine technology. This easy-to-use overhead stirrer has a display of 2.4 inches, which makes it very easy to set the application parameters and control the process (e.g. using the torque trend display). The safety-related start/stop touch-function serves to minimize the risk of unintentional switching on.
• Suitable for use in fume hoods or as a drive for reactor superstructures, the Hei-TORQUE Value 400 has a quick-action chuck (quick chuck with safety ring) with a diameter of 10.5 mm, which can be combined with a large number of stirring tools for the best stirring results.
• Technical Data
• Number of speed gears: 2
• Rotation speed range: 10 - 400 rpm / 20 - 2,000 rpm
• Rotation speed indicator: digital
• monochrom 2.4"
• Speed control: electronic
• Max. torque: 400 Ncm
• Torque indicator: symbol
• Overheat protection: automatic cut-out
• Viscosity max.: 250,000 mPa s
• Stirring cap. (H2O), max.: 100 l
• Throught-shaft design: ✔
• Shaft diameter, max.: 10.5 mm
• Counter/ Timer: -
• Analog / digital interface: -
• Power rating motor input: 150 W
• Protection class DIN EN 60529: IP 54