Julabo Dyneo DD heating immersion circulator

Julabo DYNEO DD Immersion circulator
DYNEO DD Heating Immersion Circulator
DYNEO DD heating circulators for internal and external applications are equipped with closed bath tanks. The tanks are well insulated and include a coil for counter-cooling. An integrated drain tap makes emptying the tank safe and clean. The multilingual 3.5-inch color display and unique rotary knob provide for straightforward and intuitive operation.
Optional analog and digital interface
DYNEO thermostats can optionally be equipped with analogue and digital interfaces. To request the options, order number must be extended with .d for the digital and .a for the analog interface (9XXX XXXX.A / 9XXX XXX.D)
Your advantages
• Flexible installation options
• USB connection
• For internal and external applications
• For internal and external applications
• Powerful and infinitely adjustable pressure pump
• Flow rate 27 l/min, pressure 0.7 bar
• Easy switching between internal and external circulation
• Large color TFT display, multilingual interface
• Central rotary knob (controller) simplifies operation
• Integrated programmer
• Integrated external Pt100 connection
• RS232 interface or analog interfaces (optional)