Julabo DYNEO DD-1001F-BF Beer forcing test refrigerated-heating circulating bath

Julabo DYNEO DD-1001F-BF Forcing test refrigerated/heating circulating bath with RS232 interface option
The JULABO Beer Forcing Test Bath in conjunction with a photometer determines the product life of beer before clouding. The simulated aging process is achieved through a programmable temperature profile, which is repeated, until the first clouding develops.
Product features
• Automatic cycles of temperature ramps simulate aging
• Pre-programmed temperature profiles for forcing test
• Program modification possible at any time
• Integrated meter for reproducible time sequence
• Large bath opening with insert for 20 bottles, 0.5 liters each (Racks for other bottle sizes on request)
• Removable Plexiglass® cover
• USB connection
• Removable ventilation grid
• Powerful and infinitely adjustable pressure pump
• Flow rate 27 l/min, pressure 0.7 bar
• Integrated programmer
• Integrated external Pt100 connection
• State-of-the-art control technology for quick and highly precise results
• Large color TFT display, multilingual interface
• Central rotary knob (controller) simplifies operation
• Powerful cooling machines
• Bath cover included with delivery
• Integrated drain makes emptying liquid easy and safe.